Kuku Zoo Foundation

Kuku Zoo was established in 2008 on the campus of the College of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production - Sudan University of Science and Technology, knowing that its idea has long been intrigued by those in charge of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Sciences and the College as a whole. The objectives for which this park was established were as follows:

  1. Educational purposes and objectives include providing the largest possible number of wild animals to be near the students of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Sciences to apply what they study of materials, sciences, courses and curricula related to wildlife sciences. This park also provides the resources and animals needed to conduct applied scientific research and graduate research for students of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Sciences at the University of Sudan and other universities and higher institutes. In addition, the existence of such a garden is an important source for teaching children the different types and behaviors of wild animals.
  2. Recreational and recreational purposes, as this park is considered the richest and most organized at the present time among all the wild animal parks that are now in the national capital, and thus represents an important place for recreation and self-entertainment for the citizens and residents of the national capital, especially the citizens of the Khartoum North area.

Shape, area & contents

The park takes a circular shape and has a total area of about 10 acres and contains cages and pens that shelter various wild animals and some domestic animals such as horses, sheep and camels.

The park contains additional buildings that include administration offices and a veterinary clinic with umbrellas, nests, and cats of different sizes and spaces for the rest of the visitors, as well as a mosque and bathrooms. Food services, cold and hot drinks, toys and various children’s swings are available in the garden, and there is a horse-drawn carriage for visitors to roam inside the park.