About the Zoo


Kuku Zoo is a Global Wildlife Park established in 2008 by Sudan University of Science and Technology the Zoo located in Khartoum North at the campus of Kuku relatively close to the College of Veterinary Medicine and College of Animal Production. Only 30 minutes by bus from khartoum city center.

Kuku Zoo is the only zoo in Khartoum and Sudan, the university hopes to provide rich and organized wildlife park in the national capital which is an important resource for the university and the public as well. 

To be an international recognized academic zoo works towards sustaining and conservation of wildlife 

To contribute to the public and academic societies through educating and inspiring visitors to take action for the protection of wildlife.


Education and Entertainment

The objectives for the establishment of the zoo include educational, entertainment and recreational purposes.
Provision of suitable number of wild animals in a walking distance to the college’s students for educational and research purposes.

The presence of such a park is an important resource for children to learn about the different different types and behaviors of wild animals.


KuKu Area, Khartoum North,
Khartoum, Sudan


Phone: +249 (85) 380136